Study Library

“Knowledge is the light which shows us our life path.”

In ancient times, our scholarly ancestors stored valuable knowledge in books to preserve and pass down their discoveries for generations. This process of knowledge documentation has continued to be a necessary resource for academic pursuits. Thus, we at Bal Bharti Sr. Sec. School have ensured that our students have access to a well equipped library. Our school library has various collections for students of all class levels. These materials can be used to improve their worldly knowledge and reading skills. Students may access these books for any classroom projects, additional supplement learning and even recreational purposes. To be issued a book from our school library, the student must present his/her library card at the time of check out. From there, the book will be given a return date and be registered under the students name. All issued resources are to be returned in a timely manner and in the same condition as when they are issued.

Library Rules: 

  •  Maintain Silence.
  •  Furniture dragging is prohibited.
  •  A borrower is responsible for any damage on loss by him/her.
  •  Damage to books of any kind is prohibited.
  •  No Food, drinks and personal belongings are allowed in the library.
  •  No students will be allowed to sit in the library except during library period.

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