Extra Curriculum Activities

At Bal Bharti Sr. Sec. School, we are providing many extra-curricular activities because they are beneficial for the students and these activities play a major role in the student’s life some of their advantages are described below 

  • Harness Talents: There is some hidden talent in everyone. We must let kids take part in many extra-curricular activities so that they discover and learn about their talents. Their strengths, weaknesses and aptitude can be clearly identified. They will then discover a new side to themselves. It can even change their lives forever, for they discover what they are capable of achieving.
  • Holistic Development: People who are good at many things are preferred over people who can only do one thing correctly. When children are encouraged in extra-curricular activities, they acquire many skills which foster their holistic development. They grow holistically. If you are skill-full in many things, it makes you more reliable and you also become independent. You become a multi-faceted and versatile.
  • Increase Self Esteem: If children are involved in many activities, they will not have the time to think negative thoughts. Doing many thins gives them a feeling of self worth and this raises their self esteem. They become more aware and they making them more knowledgeable and having more experience. They become bold and learn how to face things.
  • Teachers Time management and Prioritizing: When you are multi-tasking, you develop better time managerial and prioritizing skills. You will come across many situations where you have to do more than one thing. Participating in many activities will improve the kid’s ability to handle different things and take newer challenges.
  • Stress Relief: Competitive exams, competition in the class to come first, weekly tests and etc make the children stressful. Apart from good sleep, extra-curricular activities provide them much needed leisure and recreation. They cool the mind down and remove all the stress and tension.
  • Cultivate Social Skills: Taking part in group activities is a great way to make friends. Whether it is playing a sport or dancing in a group. You will meet them regularly and keep in touch and later, this gives you a sense of attachment and a sense of belonging. It is thus safe to say that taking part in such activities is a pre-requisite for a good social life.
  • Encourage Creativity: Art, Music and Writing are all creative pursuits. When children participate in such things, new doors are opened. The way they think will change. They will start doing things differently and innovatively. Creativity has no boundaries and there are innumerous possibilities when you are creative. It is a great skill to have.
  • Teachers Teamwork: Learning to work well and coordinate in a team from a young age can be very beneficial. Children who grow up in isolation generally find it very difficult to work in a team.  Differences arise and they take long to settle. Setting disputes and trying to compromise for the good of the team as a whole are important to work in a team and this comes from prior experience.
  • Physical Health: Being physically active from a young age can have numerous health benefits at a later stage. It boosts metabolism and improves blood circulation. It also improves stamina and mental alertness and it also improves the energy level in the students.
  • Good for Resumes: Many reputed institutions or universities look for a resume that is about more than just academics. A perspective student is judged on all round criterion. Skills and activities are thoroughly examined.

From the above points we can inculcate that the extra-curricular activities are also very much effective with studies for the all round development for a child.

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