“To establish a creative, interactive and engaging, through our system and that is
comprehensive, practical and futuristic.”

 We aim to realize our mission by

  • Maintaining a creative, caring, innovative, stress free and harmonious
    learning environment for children.
  • Imparting quality education through hands on discovery, exploration and
  • Encouraging confidence by developing communication skill, allowing for
    increased fluidity of thought expression.
  • Maintaining the presence of our Indian culture, moral and values while
    preparing children for global integration.
  • Facilitating a culture of lifelong learning.

Our Vision

Our school is guided by the following vision

  •  Academic empowerment through comprehensive curriculum.
  •  Emphasis on nurturing character, personality, life values and vocational
  •  Develop critical and logical thinking skills.
  •  Promote social, emotional, cultural, mental and physical growth.
  •  Develop positive self-esteem.
  •  Train children to be eco friendly like “Each One Plant One”.
  • Build up leadership and entrepreneurial excellence.
  • Unleash creative abilities and communication skills and use them
  • Develop enterprise in sports to represent India on a global platform like each child should master in one indoor as well as one outdoor game.

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